Our Story

Our Story

Priceless Jewels Crèche and Pre-School was established in September 2017. It is a pre-school set up for children of ages 0 – 5 years. Our goal at Priceless Jewels is to nurture curiosity, strength, resilience and understanding of the World around us so that young mind can strive. This is because of our belief that core skills needed for a successful and productive life are learned before the age of 6 years.

At Priceless Jewels we are passionate about Early Childhood development and Learning, which is why we utilize our understanding to develop programs that children do not only enjoy, but also based on Montessori Philosophy and practices in conjunction with the National Policy on Childhood Education. Our programmes are age appropriate, engaging and fun. Put your worries to rest as your child is cared for under the guidance and care of our staffs.

Our aim is to help create a foundation where learning simply becomes part of a child’s life which paves way for future success in life.

At Priceless Jewels ” The Future Begins Here! “ children learn with fun and learn for life. We utilize creative curriculum as a base for our learning programmes, which were developed with emphasis on how best to make children learn, feel safe and valued. Children will learn how to feel confident enough to express ideas, make choices and have fun doing so.

Our child-care facilities and teaching aids are up to date. At the end, we are confident that our approach is extremely well rounded and that your child will receive the engaging and stimulating learning skills, that will enhance, develop and enrich them emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially develop their creativity.

A child that goes through Priceless Jewel’s education must by the age of five years, acquire and be well guided to develop their behavioural acts:

  • Love: Be generous with affection towards others and appreciate them.
  • Honesty: Train and nurture them to tell the truth always.
  • Justice: Tutored to always make amends using “The five magic words- “Please”, “Sorry”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me” and “You are welcome”.
  • Determination/Confidence: Social interaction with others in positive manners.