Director’s Message

Welcome Address From The School Director

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our school Priceless Jewels Crèche and Pre-School. “The Future begins here! Over the months, the school has demonstrated excellence in its activities. We are contemporary in child-caring and committed in sustaining safety, intellectual learning skill, team-work and parent satisfaction. Our goal as a supportive sub-system of Priceless Jewels Crèche and Pre-School is to ensure that our Jewels are in safe hands and conducive learning environment.

We foster on all aspect of children’s growth and development including problem-solving skill, training children to be self-independent and confident. We provide stimulating, well ventilated classrooms. Also, we adapt Montessori principles and application using modern pre-school educational methods and resources.

Our children have access to and make effective use of Montessori educational materials to enhance learning and oriented knowledge. We provide secure outdoor play areas for our jewels to explore such as modern educative toys, over-ground water pool and sand corner.

We welcome you to Priceless Jewels Crèche and Pre-School school and wish you remarkable success in your academic pursuit.