Our Classes

Crèche (0-18 Months)

Learning for this group is focused on physical, emotional, psychological and speech development also cognitive and social needs. Our jewels listen and dance to nursery rhymes and some of the older ones in this group sing nursery rhymes with actions. They are introduced to counting through number rhymes and songs, and the older children learn to rote count. They are also introduced to different sound effects through banging, shaking and so on. They learn to explore with different art media such as, paint, sand and water.

Preparatory 1 (1½ Years – 2½ Years)

In this group, learning is emphasized more in their response to the environment, to friends and classmates, to teachers and parents. We introduce sensorial education to develop their perception of differences in dimension, their reasoning skills in understanding different sounds, textures, etc. We also introduce them to activities and exercises to improve their body movements and hand dexterity, care of self and environment. They learn to share with their friends and run simple errands, such as getting their cups or any other belonging. Jewels in this group sing nursery rhymes independently.

They are introduced to science, and they learn to identify farm animals and pets alongside the sounds they make. In this group, they learn to identify objects in the class and name them. They are introduced to numeracy and writing, and they learn to identify and write 1 and 2. They are also introduced to literacy and communication, they learn letter sounds s, a, t and i using the jolly phonics. We also engage them in conversations and story reading to build their vocabularies. They participate fully in creative design and arts.

Preparatory 2 (2½ Years – 3½ Years)

Jewels in this group begin to learn that somethings are theirs, some belong to others and some are shared. We engage the in activities and exercises so as to build their self-esteem, co-ordination of fine motor skills, concentration and their independence. Sensorial education develops the child’s ability to differentiate sizes using learning materials and resources available. Cultural education is also introduced to facilitate their understanding of the different parts of the body and their uses. In this group, their writing skill is developed and they learn to identify and write 1-5. They learn more letter sounds and also learn to blend sounds to form words. In this group, they learn to respond accurately to questions, they also learn to say their name when asked.

Nursery Classes (3½ Years – 5 Years)

Jewels in this group are more agile and coordinated. Language is becoming an increasingly important tool. They have emotional stability. Their minds are lively, imagination vivid and strong. At this stage, children are already exposed to a variety of experiences both at home and within the school, so they have experiences to share. Their writing skill is improved. In this group, their personalities are built.


Thus we plan our curriculum to meet all these needs based on six (6) core areas;

  • Language
  • Socio-emotional
  • Numeracy
  • Creative Arts
  • Science/Cultural Studies
  • Motor Skills

Our learning environment stimulates our jewels to learn better through trial and error, understanding or self, extend their sense of wonder, experience success and developing positive attitude towards life.