Priceless Jewels Time

  • CRECHE: 6:30AM-7:00PM
  • PRE-SCHOOL & NURSERY: 8:00AM-2:00PM (Children expected in school latest by 7:45am)
  • AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMME: 2:00PM-7:00PM (However, children not attending the after school programme should be picked up latest by  3:00PM)

Priceless Jewels take a firm view of lateness in pupils coming to school and in picking up children from the school. It is worthy to note that when children are picked up late, they often get very upset. Therefore, please endeavour to pick up your child/ward in good time. There will be late fees applied to children not picked up within the one hour grace after their closing hour.

Your co-operation will be highly appreciated. No calls to class teachers during lessons, only text messages please. Emergency calls should be directed to the school’s office lines: 08125313510 and 08153112095. All public holidays and statutory gazette holidays will be observed as school free days. School holiday’s will be communicated to Parents as when due.

Clothing and Appearance

Children are expected to come to school with two (2) extra set of clothing for creche and one (1) extra set of clothing for preparatory classes and a pair of slippers.


  • Pupil’s should at all time be clean and neatly dressed in School Uniform. Blouses and shirts should be smartly tucked in (Creche Excluded).
  • Pupils (Preparatory/Nursery classes) are to wear black/Navy blue socks. Ankle socks are not allowed. Shoes should be black.
  • Girls should always have their hair neatly made/low cut. No hair attachments, beads or colour hair pieces are allowed in school.
  • Cardigans other than the school cardigans are not allowed to be worn with the school uniform (Preparatory and Nursery classes, Creche excluded).

Food and Hygiene

Children are advised to come to school with healthy packs of snack/food and fruits which should be packed in a lunch box or bag with the child’s name clearly written on the box/bag. For good health reason, we encourage parents to pack less sugary drinks and more of natural juices or water. Consumption of food and snacks will be in the classroom under the supervision of the class teacher.

To maintain good health and habits all pupils are expected to:

  • Wash their hands after using the toilet.
  • Wash their hands after each session of outdoor play.

Behavioural & Comportment

  • Pupils should exhibit warm and cordial relationship with each other.
  • Coarse or bullying behaviour and use of offensive language is strictly forbidden.
  • Any pupils who damages school property will be liable to pay for the repair or replacement of such items.

The Sick Bay

  • The sick bay is for minor cuts only. Parents will be informed of such incidence officially.
  • Pupils who contacted communicable diseases are advised to stay at home to avoid spread to other pupils.
  • If and when a pupil brings their prescribed drugs to school, such should be handed over to the class teacher/care-giver.
  • The school has a medical service arrangement with a reputable hospital (Lobel Medical Centre) which is about 5 minutes from us. To attend to any emergency, if and when it arises. However, hospital bills will be responsible for by the child’s parents.